What is RESTFul Web Services? Why is it Needed:

            REST (Representational State of Transfer) is a lightweight option for developing web  services the uses the HTTP protocol –a fact that makes is simpler with less overhead than a web service that uses the SOAP protocol.

            It is an architecture style for for creating network based applications. REST uses various representations to represent a resource like Text, XML and JSON. JSON is now the most popular format being used in Web Services.

Tools For Testing RESTFul Web Services

    1.Advanced Rest Client (ARC)
    3.Postman-Rest Client

There are mainly 4 methods involve in SOAPUI Testing like Get, POST, Delete, and PUT.

1.GET- The GET method is used to extract information from the given server using a given URI.While using GET request , it should only extract data and should have no other effect on the data.
2.POST- A POST request is used to send data to the server, for example, customer information, file upload, etc. using HTML forms.
3.PUT- Replaces all current representations of the target resource with the uploaded           content.
4.DELETE- Removes all current representations of the target resource given by a URI.
5.OPTIONS − Used to get the supported operations on a resource.

  NOTE:For Testing RESTful WebServces in ARC  Click here

Steps for Testing RESTful Web Services using SoapUI tool.

       For this example, I'll be using the
       Example: http://localhost:8990/MouriApp/Config read

 Step 1: Before opening the SoapUI IDE, make sure your RESTful web service project is properly deployed on tomcat web server. To check the web service project is working  smoothly, So i am chossing to test json data response, My Project Deployed link is   

Step2: Now open the SOAPUI IDE ,

Step3: Create a new project. Follow the path: File >> New REST Project or just click anywhere in soapUI tool and use ‘Ctrl+Alt-N’ to create a new RESTproject.

Step4: After clicking New REST Project it will shows pop-up which looks like as shown in below.

Step5: Give the proper URl, here i am giving can also deploye your project http url .

Step 6: then click on ok button The screen will look like this,

Step 7: there is so many methods displayed here, select the required method.

Step 8: Then Submit the Request to specified end point URl i.e Click on run button then The JSON Data Will be Displayed left side.

Step 9: Now, how to test the web services in soapUI tool!
              Within the project, Testers can create a test suite by performing a right click on the project, and select New TestSuite.

Step 10:After click on Generate TestSuite, the Page will shows 

Step 11:Enter the name of the test suite or By Default it gives TestSuite1 but i here i am changing to RESTful web services testing and press OK.

Step 12: The created test suite is displayed in the navigator pane as shown below. And The test Suite window opens in the Right side.

Step 13: double click on Request 1 then Right side popup will appeared then click on run button and click on JSON ,

Step 14: Then the JSON Data will appeared like 


If you want to test more, please refer Assertions Topic in the SOAP Webservices. 
For Testing SOAP Webservice In SOAPUI Click here

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